2014: Maldives

When I first received my roster, I smiled because after more than a year of flying, I am finally rostered to fly to Male (pronounced Mah-lay), the capital of Maldives.

Immediately, a spontaneous and mischievous thought went through my mind. ‘Since my Male flight is over the weekend, how about buying a sub load ticket for my husband for my Male flight?’ I grinned to myself at the impetuous thought.

But knowing how systematic and routine my husband is, I decided to consult him before buying his ticket on impulse. Interestingly, he smiled and left the decision to me. And since he said so, I bought his sub load ticket without any delay.

But when the day of my Male flight finally came, Murphy’s law had to screw things up.

First, we woke up late. As in really late. We were supposed to go downstairs and board my regular taxi at 07:15am but lo and behold, we woke up at 7:15am! You can imagine the horror and rush that ensued next. And since there was no time for make up, I could only change into my uniform and  grab my bags before going downstairs.

Then, as we were driving out of the estate, the husband kept asking if got all my stuff. I confidently said yes. And when we asked “how about my e-ticket?”, my blood drained from my face. Shit, I said aloud.

So the taxi driver stopped, and the husband went back home to take his e-ticket while I continued my journey to the airport. On the way, he called me again and asked if I left anything out? I said yes again with more confidence. “How about your passport?” Fuck, I murmured.

Long story short: I arrived at the airport first, alighted at the door nearest to the most secluded toilet, lugged my bags and his backpack, and hurriedly did my hair and make-up. By the time everything was done, it was about 8:00am and just nice, the husband had just arrived at the airport. So I quickly met up with him, passed him his backpack and he passed me my passport, and I hurried to my briefing at 8:10am.

After my briefing, I went out to meet my husband so that I could accompany him to the staff ticket counter. However, the counter staff said that our flight was departing from Terminal 2, so the husband had to redeem his ticket from the staff counter at Terminal 2 instead.

Oh. My. God. Can this day get anyway worse? You should have seen the look on my mister’s face. Sullen and all.

Anyway, because I have to clear immigration and customs from Terminal 3, I couldn’t accompany him to the staff counter at Terminal 2. Which made me feel bad, guilty, and completely shitty.

Long story short again: He managed to get his ticket with a seat that is in my work area. What are the odds! Totally put a smile on my face. Ha! So can you imagine, serving my husband in the same manner as how I serve my other passengers? Oh my it was certainly hard to keep in my grins. Regardless, I was glad that my husband made it on my flight and despite the lousy morning we have had, we are thankful that it didn’t ruin our short but fun stay in Maldives.

As you can see from the pictures, Maldives is indeed a paradise for the beach lovers. The blue skies, cool sea breeze, azure clear blue ocean and clean beaches sure makes it a perfect place for snorkelling, diving, or even just waddling your feet in the waters. Sigh. How I wish the stay in Maldives was longer.

The next day, we managed to have a nice breakfast by the sea, and a quick walk around of the island before heading back to Singapore.

Well, most of my friends who heard about my crazy idea of putting my husband on my flight to Maldives laughed at how short the stay was. But honestly, laugh all they want. To me, I’ve always wanted to have my husband onboard when I’m working, and whats more, to one of the beautiful island of Maldives. That said, I will be back one day Maldives, and hopefully, for a longer stay.


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