38 Weeks

38 Weeks. In the pregnancy world, that’s a big deal because it means that I’m going to “pop” anytime. And anytime could jolly well be a week later, 3 days later, or while I am typing this post.

While this unpredictability is oh so frightening, it is one that is also much anticipated. After all, we have been waiting 266 days days and are getting quite anxious already. However, all we can do is to continue our daily routines in eager anticipation, spend whatever couple time possible, and like ALL experienced and new parents advice: sleep while we can.

But since I am resting nesting at home and have pockets of time available, let me update you with the past 38 weeks of pregnancy.

First Trimester (Week 0 – 12)

I’ll probably receive a ton of hate mails from preggers (and maybe from their husbands) after saying this, but unlike most pregnant women, I didn’t experience any nausea, food cravings, food aversions, or even smell aversions. Apart from the occasional bloated-ness, life was pretty much the same and my preference for food remained status quo: mostly Fish Soup / Ban Mian, and a mix of other Asian and Western food. Because of the lack of pregnancy symptoms, I continued to be very active and fit; walking quickly, doing household chores, cooking, and continued to work. (PS: Those who know what I used to work as will probably shake their head in disapproval haha).

Me at 6 Weeks

Me at 6 Weeks

Second Trimester (Week 13 – 26)

After the first trimester, I informed my employer about my pregnancy and was then put on unpaid leave because of the nature of my job. Though I had enough savings to tide me through this “unemployment”, I was hoping to find a contract / part-time job so that I can stretch my savings for a longer period of time. However, I wasn’t hopeful about finding a job because most employers would rather hire a young and able-bodied person over a pregnant lady like myself. Fortunately, the good people at my previous company offered me a contract position in the marketing department, and once that was over, I was then offered a part time position in the finance department.

As for my pregnancy, it continued to be a smooth-sailing journey apart from 1-2 episodes of spotting. Though it wasn’t a pregnancy complication or anything, it still scared the a first time pregger like myself because I am completely new to every single symptom and experience in this pregnancy. Fortunately, it wasn’t a biggie and all I needed was to cut back on my active lifestyle, rest more, and like what my husband says – behave like a pregnant woman.

As for food wise, though I was still eating the same food choices and portions as per my first trimester, my weight started to climb steadily which really frustrated the hell out of me. Seriously I don’t get it. I was eating exactly the same portions – 3 healthy and normal meals a day with occasional supper consisting of either fruits or chips (which I have been eating way more before my pregnancy and still managed to stay so slim) – but I was gaining a few 100 grams every day! I then realised that no matter how disciplined and controlled I was with my diet, I couldn’t control how much weight gain my body decides to put on, or how much nutrients my baby decides to absorb. Soon, I gave up with my idealistic and impossible goal of putting on only 6-8kg for the entire pregnancy, comforting myself with the fact that as long as I was eating normally and healthily, and baby’s weight is steadily increasing, then I shouldn’t be bothered by the numbers on the weighing scale. Which was really difficult because honestly, I have always been skinny all my life, weighing between 43-45kg. So imagine how hard it was for me to accept a total weight gain of 10kg at the end of the second trimester.

Thankfully, my husband was very comforting, reassuring, and positive about the whole situation and consistently told me that all my weight gain went to only my stomach and boobs, and the rest of my physique remained the same. God bless this man for his tact. In fact, thank God for my husband’s sensitivity during this whole pregnancy because knowing how preggers can go mental and sink into an unknowing black hole of pre-natal blues, he would ask me from time to time if I was sad, and if I was truly unhappy about something, that I should tell him so that he could give me a hug. Awwwww. I so love this man.

Me at 26 Weeks & 4 Days

Me at 26 Weeks & 4 Days

Third Trimester (Week 27 – present)

As I entered the third trimester, my stomach started to balloon rapidly and it felt like I was carrying a watermelon everywhere I went.

Me at 34 Weeks & 4 Days

Me at 34 Weeks & 4 Days

Because of my big bump and the uneven weight imbalance of my stomach causing pressure on my back, my walks became slower.

I started getting breathless and tired easily.

Frequent thirst and heat intolerance made me grouchy and irritable at times.

Stretch marks made its appearance unannounced, growing upwards from the bottom of my belly like the ugly streaks on a watermelon skin, despite my religious and disciplined routine of putting on stretch mark creams since day 0 of my pregnancy.

Eating became a problem because I couldn’t slouch or bend over my big belly to eat my food. I would have to lift my food higher, or lift my plate up just so that I can eat comfortably.

Anything below my stomach was not in viewing radius. Thank God for the husband who would cut and file my toenails for me.

Simple daily tasks like putting on my panties after a shower while standing up required some form of a struggle.

Everyone who met me – be it friends or strangers – would tell me that “it’s soon” or “you look like you going to deliver tomorrow” but I would still be in denial.

Me at 36 Weeks & 4 Days

Me at 36 Weeks & 4 Days

By the time I reached week 37, I was tired of being pregnant. My stomach became huge and hard like a rock, making it difficult to do anything other than walking really slowly, spreading out one simple household chore across an entire day because I need to take it easy, and counting down the days. Yes, I’m 14 days away from my expected due date and though I know she might come out anytime now, I’m starting to get a bit impatient.

So yesterday, I had my OBGYN appointment and baby was already 3.4kg, which is considered quite chubby. (Seriously, I have no idea how I’m going to push out a fat baby with my petite hips.) My OBGYN added that baby’s head was really low but upon doing a cervix examination, he informed me that my cervix was still not dilated yet. In addition, my amniotic fluid was below average; 4+ instead of the normal 6+ range. Worried that baby might be in distress, he sent for a routine CTG to monitor baby’s heartbeat. Fortunately, baby’s heartbeat is still strong and she still show signs of active foetal movement.

"Doctor Chew" checking out my CTG results

“Doctor Chew” checking out my CTG results

My next OBGYN appointment this Friday would be an important one. Hopefully my amniotic fluids would increase or remain the same so that we can still wait it out for her to come out naturally despite our growing excitement and impatience. Otherwise, we would have to decide between inducing her or going for an elective-cesarean procedure – either of which we are really not keen. But giving a choice, we would choose inducing her even though there might be a risk ending up with an emergency-cesarean. *crossing fingers*

So if you are reading this and share the same faith as we do, please keep us in prayers. I’ve been also talking to baby and telling her to come out naturally anytime now, even before the OBGYN appointment this Friday. Otherwise, I hope that we have the strength and wisdom to make the right decision – if we so have to – this Friday.

For now, it’s back to the waiting game; for this Friday, for her expected due date on 3rd February, or for anytime now.


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