It’s 8:47am and there is peace and quiet, except for the sound of soft keyboard clickings from my hopeful attempt to write this post. But while I struggle to pen down my thoughts in a fast but coherent manner, other tasks pop up at the back of my head: Breakfast, watering the plants, taking my medication, catching up with social media, going back to sleep. So many things to do, yet so little time. Well, I do have time, but it is frequently interrupted by the needs of my little one. So either I up my game at multi-tasking, or I pick and choose the more important tasks from my to-do list.

This is the life of a Stay-At-Home-Mom, frequently abbrievated as SAHM. We are forced to put on our capes and become a Supermom, taking care of the needs of a newborn, husband, and the house. Suddenly, 2 hands, 2 legs, and 24 hours isn’t enough, and the only Me Time you are probably going to have are the fleeting moments when your baby naps, which largely depends on the temperament of your baby on that day. Even so, sometimes it’s difficult to have any Me Time when baby naps because any attempt in putting her back in her cot would cause her to stir and you silently swearing in your head while making an express prayer in your heart that she doesn’t wake up. Therefore, you are pretty much confined to the couch with a life-sized breathing doll on top of you, and the only Me Time you have is either catching up with social media or the digital world, or watching the telly. Yes, nature calls will have to wait.

Shay Sleeping on Me

My sleeping Koala

Thankfully, my little bub has been quite merciful. Though she has her terror moments (also known as the Witching hour) which usually happens between 6-9pm, she allows me to have an uninterrupted breakfast, and a fuss-free time when I go out; all thanks to my magical Baby K’tan. The rest of the day would depend on how fussy she is, and that is largely dependent on whether she is going through a growth spurt or a development leap.


Shay sleeps peacefully in the K’tan while we enjoy our fuss free couple time

So I’ve been a SAHM for 2 months and some people have been asking me how has it been. Honestly, I find it manageable for now, and feel a strong sense of achievement on days which I take care of a happy baby while striking off all the items on my to-do list. An example of such a day would be:


  • Uninterrupted breakfast
  • Play time with Shay
  • Nurse & Nap time with Shay
  • Housework
  • Lunch (with a little retail therapy thereafter)


  • Nurse Shay and try to put her to sleep
  • Prepare Dinner
  • Bathe Shay
  • Cook dinner
Chilling Out

Chilling out with my bub

Of course, there are days where my little angel grows 2 horns on her head, waves her invisible pitchfork and terrorises me by fussing despite cradling / carrying / rocking / nursing her. Although these days are few and far between, I get so exasperated that I find myself staring into space while trying to get my act together, or doze off while nursing her. Once, I was actually so tired from calming her down that when she finally fell asleep on me, I fell asleep too and ended up drooling on her head. #omgIamaterriblemother

Nap Time

Tired out from a fussy day

On terrible days like these, I won’t deny that the thought of returning to the workforce asap did cross my mind. But thinking of putting her in Infant Care or in the hands of a stranger at such a young age scares me. So I press on, and tell myself that tomorrow will be a better day.

And thus is the synopsis of my life for the past 58 days; a bitter-sweet journey with sweat and lots of patience, but a rewarding experience and a gratifying learning journey nonetheless. I’m sure the days and months ahead as a SAHM will be met with challenges as Shay grows and unlocks different milestones, but I’m sure that somehow, I will be able to handle as it comes. For now, I’m living one day at a time and enjoying every moment I have with her.


Our first family photo


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