Daddy’s Girl

Right from the start, even before I was even pregnant, I have always wanted a daughter. And I won’t deny the fact that it’s because I can do girly stuff with her and dress her in pretty clothes and fancy accessories. It’s like playing Barbie doll but with a real human “doll”.

So imagine how happy I was when the doctor told me that we were having having a girl. I actually teared. And because I didn’t take the Harmony test (which not only test for chromosomal anomalies but tell the sex of the baby’s gender), I double checked with my gynae during each ultrasound if there was anything sticking in between my baby’s legs. You know, just to double confirm plus chop that I’m having a baby girl.

The husband however, was neutral about baby’s gender. But he felt that it was better to have the first born as a son, just so that he can carry on the lineage and save us the self-induced stress and unnecessary pressures of trying for a boy if the first born was a girl. My husband is practical like that. And he has this theory that the gender of the baby is dependent on how stressed the man is. Stressful men results in baby girls, vice versa. That is why in times of war and hardship, there are more baby girls than boys. With this theory in mind, it would be harder to have a baby boy if we tried for #2 because he would be stressed and based on his theory, stress equals baby girl.

I on the contrary, knew that if we had a son, my husband will tekan and raise him military style. So for the sake of my hard-headed husband, I desired for a daughter even more, so that she can soften his heart and unlock the gentle, soft-hearted man that I married.

Thankfully, God answered my prayer and gave us a precious girl whom we named Shay.

And you know what, I was right. The day we had her, my husband split his heart and gave half a piece to me, and the other to Shay. Everyday he would smother her with love, kisses, hugs and call her names of endearment. Sometimes I would look from afar in envy and jealousy, because after taking care of baby the whole day and smelling like a bad mix of milk and sweat, all I get is “How are you”. No hugs, no kisses, no thank yous and words of encouragement.

Oh well, putting my pettiness aside, I guess him being so endearing to Shay is a good thing. After all, he is the father and I’d rather he be one who is loving and than one who is absent and distant.

Love at first sight


Someone took over my favourite spot


Sleeping buddies


Chilling with Daddy

Bonding Time

So as you can see, a baby girl will truly melt the heart of a father. No wonder with daughters, there is a saying that goes “Mummy’s world, Daddy’s Girl.”


2 thoughts on “Daddy’s Girl

  1. Agree with you on that quote. She’s adorable. Wasn’t aware about the the stress levels and baby gender link. How interesting! And you look like you’re doing great.

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