Boggle at Toddle!

Imagine this: You have 24 hours, of which you have to juggle between being a mother and a wife. Then there’s work, which easily takes a third of your day. Surely there’s not much left for you to enjoy any “Me Time” and sleep, let alone go to the malls and purchase the necessary stuff for your little one’s ever growing needs.

Which is why I thank God for online retailers such as Toddle, which sells recognized brands and niche products that are specially sourced from global designers that are innovative, and most importanly, SAFE.

I’m sure there are other similiar stores online, but what I like about Toddle is their criterion in selecting what and which products to sell:


And if you can’t find time to do research and compare which brands are good, check out their blog which is actively updated. Need to choose a good pacifier or a car seat but don’t have time to seive through the internet for the information you need? Just head over to their blog which helps you save time by making better purchasing decisions.

In addition, I love how clean and professional looking their website is. No ads, no pop-ups, no jarring web banners or promotional activties, and you can easily find what you need when you hover over their sleek navigation bar at the top. Sweet.



So recently, I purchased a couple of stuf from Toddle and expected it to arrive in a few days. But boy I was wrong. The next day, the doorbell rung and outside my gate stood a delivery guy who had a nicely wrapped carton for me. Guess who was it from? Toddle! I must commend their very efficient delivery service because sometimes, your little one might need something urgently but you don’t have time to run to the mall, or maybe you do, but it’s out of stock. So with Toddle, you can receive your items promptly, before you the panic button in your head starts flashing red and you start pulling out your hair.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 10.57.58 PM

Some of the items which I’ve purchased and can’t wait to use!

That said, if you are a mummy and need to get some stuff for your nursing needs, clothes or weaning equipment for your lil’ bub, do check out Toddle today! Trust me, their prices are really affordable (or even cheaper than retailers when it’s on sale *wink*) and best of all, there’s free delivery for purchases above $70.

Discount Code for The New Chew readers:

Use the discount code grace15 to enjoy 15% off for purchases above SGD 70.00. Please note that the discount code is not applicable for sale items and is valid until 03 June 2016. To utilize the code, just create a customer account with Toddle and join their mailing list. Happy Shopping!


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